The Square

Réalisation d’un banc le long d’un chemin de randonnées
Winnipeg - Canada
Storefront Manitoba

The directionality of Sir John Franklin Park East site led us to design the bench as a strong and easily identifiable symbol in the  landscape. It is located at the beginning of the forest where the two trails meet.
Thanks to its circular shape,THE SQUARE becomes more than a bench: On the inside, it is a public space where people can gather, offering a social experience. On the outside, giving a different view depending on where you sit, it allows a more lonely and contemplative moment.
The shape enables a very simple fabrication and construction : Entirely made of local wooden plates, it is composed by only eight different sections. These sections are connected with three metal wires and stabilized by pieces of wood in between.
With its recognazible design, its simplicity and the uses that it offers, THE SQUARE can become a symbol of the Great Trail in the City of Winnipeg.