Capela por do sol

 Concours pour la réalisation d’une chapelle
Ilha do pessegueiro - Portugal


Pessegueiro Island appears in the ocean as a rocky sanctuary. This rough nature gives a sacred character to the site.
The perception of this raw beauty which is almost divine, led us to reinterpret the principles of a sacred space .

The project is located in the northern part of the island, nearby the existing quarry, a beautiful manmade alteration of the landscape. The first action was to draw a long and discontinuous wall in dialogue with the frame of the quarry.
This architectural gesture orientates the form of the project : the west-east axis crosses two open volumes before diving into the ocean.
The same importance is given to matter and void in order to provide an open and covered space where visitors can stay and medidate.
All the walls seem to interact without touching, creating openings for the light and sights to the ocean.

The main access to the chapel is through the quarry, highlighting the project as a lighthouse in the ocean.
Unlike the standard asset, orienting the chappel to the West allows to see the sunset in the ocean. In this empty space, natural light flows and the sacred remains unmaterial.
All the voids created by those non-touching volumes are as many thresholds that lead to introspection. There is a tree in the patio entrance, as a witness through time and beyond ruins.

The sanctity is not represented by iconicals items and the inner materiality works as an opposite to the exterior aspect. Through a strong opposition, the complex site geology gives value to the white volumes of the chapel. On the inside, noble materials (brass, marble and a cast floor) reinterpret traditional sacred architecture.

Two benches on both sides come to frame the core of the chapel, in order to orient the experience to the horizon.
Exposed to the south, a wall of stars represents lit candles when hit by the sun.