Juillet 2019
Installation auto-construite pour permettre l’accès a la plage aux personnes à mobilité réduite

San Cataldo , Italie

This wooden wave creates an accidental topography in the linear seadscape of San Cataldo.
As if an ocean wave suddenly appeared in the adriatic sea, the shape reflects the water crashing on a dock during a storm, turning the piece of beach between the project and the sea into an island surrounded by water.

This fourteen meters long wave impacts the landscape on both sides of the wall : it overflows the dock, creating a bench and two bycicle racks on the hotel’s side.

Entirely made of wood (chipboard and wood planks) the project is composed of fourteen modules of one meter each.
The dynamic effect of the of the project is created by the difference between each one of them. They fold themselves into places to sit, rest, gather and meditate looking the horizon.
The position of those benches in the installation allows the user to imagine the effect of surfing a wave looking towards the sea, or making a nap floating in the ocean.

The longest module is eight meters long and creates a disability-friendly access to the beach, the higher one is one meter and ninety centimeters and offers a new viewpoint to the sea.