No-border wall

Septembre 2019
Minus 20 degrees 2020 Festival
Installation en neige sur le thème du village global
Flachau, Autriche

In a globalized world, through new technologies, mass media and economy, every human on the planet hasnever been so close to one and another. Across this Global Village, identical data, information and opinions are shared all around the world, transcending people from their micro level context. Everyone is involved in a complex community of networks stretching across cities, nations, oceans, and governments : different cultures are merging into a global lifestyle, led by a global market.
Yet, it seems that one of the greatest consequences of this globalization is the explosion of self-withdrawal : Nationalism, self-containment, social, racial and economic exclusion are back across our so-called village. Even if such a thing as the Global village exists in a virtual interconnected world, the spatial expression of this reality is full of limits, borders and walls separating the rich from the poor, the local from the stranger, and so on. As artists and architects, we have the duty to make people think about how the public space is impacted by any kind of limits or borders. Our proposition is to transform a cold frontier into a social and public space, bringing people together instead of separate them.
The main idea is to build a crossable, climbable and circumventable border wall made of snow, painted  collaboratively by the visitors. The installation is a thick wall, defined by two stairs, offering the possibility to climb on it. The main structure is composed by snow bricks, assembled like normal ones, but molded with plastic crates. We wanted to use themain available material on site, both for an sustanaible and challeging aspect.
Also, As we can have seen with many walls around the world, every border is a support for collective and selfexpression (Berlin wall, Belfast Peace walls, Cyprus Greenline...). It became a medium to deny the frontier itself, and to show that art cannot be stopped.
This is why we offer the possibility to involve every person wanting to be part of the project. By giving coloredwater spray, we want to let anyone free to express its creativity, into a canvas we designed and decided (colors, shapes...). Finaly, the effect of a vertical colored shape in the middle of a linear white landscape (ski slope or a snowy glade) can have a strong visual impact on the topography of Flachau.