Kid’s Factory

Usine réhabilitée en parc pour enfants
Laveno Mombello - Italie


Kids, tomorrow’s citizen, build their individualities on their personal experience of relationship, space and landscape. This experience involves encounters, explorations, adventures, games and freedom : We learn from each other, from our discoveries or surprises along our way.
The Kid’s factory project is based on these values : the main idea is to create a space in which everyone moves freely, explores and discovers without any age boundary :
Like as the adult society, everyone can learn from older people and pass it on to the younger.
Instead of designing a separated playground based on ages with the same value as the rest of the program, we decided to consider that the entire site was a gigantic
playground in which the programs are fragmented : In this way, each walk is a journey, a real adventure, according to the choices of each child. It is designed to be always new  and surprising: We slide, we jump, we go through, we go inside and out by our own way to create our own space and landscape experience.
However, the site dimension is so big that it is impossible to respond to the program with a unique architectural solution: We decided to develop three different project scales  based on the site geographical context and blurring space boundaries in a different way for each one : Mountains («top and bottom»), Forest («inside and out») and City  («big and small»).
Finally, so that the entire project can radiate throughout the city, some programmatic elements can work independently: A secondary school, a kindergarten and a gymnasium  can be used for the city of Laveno Mombello.